About Nather

About Nather
About Nather

Company Introduction

NATHER is a high-tech enterprise specialized in providing indoor Ventilation Mechanical Control (VMC)systems and air purifying solutions. It is the subsidiary of a century listed enterprise —Swiss Zehnder Group. Our ventilation technology originated from Europe, but changes according to Chinese air characteristics. With aboundant technical power and production strength, NATHER has developed into an intelligent ventilation brand and service provider integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

NATHER staff uphold the enterprise mission of "Healthy Air, Healthy Life", and are always committed to the research and development of cutting-edge technology in ventilation and air purification. NATHER possesses about 40 patented ventilation techniques. Our products of VMC (Ventilation Mechanical Control) systems consist of unidirectional flow, bidirectional flow, heat exchange and so on. We have taken part in drafting and enacting several China national and local ventilation standards, and NATHER takes it as its burden duty to promote the development of Chinese housing ventilation industry. Because of our excellent product performance and perfect after-sale service, NATHER has established strategic partnership with more than 30 enterprises of China TOP100 real estate developers. Now we have more than 400 dealers across the country to sell products and serve customers. NATHER VMC products have been widely used in residence, apartment, office building, hotel, school, and other places. It is providing more and more Chinese people with natural & healthy air, and also a high-quality life.
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Zehnder Group

Zehnder Group AG was headquartered in Switzerland since 1895. It is the earliest manufacturer of steel tube radiator in Europe, with a development history of more than 120 years. Zehnder Group was listed on the Zurich stock exchange in 1986. At present, it has more than 50 subsidiaries around the world. Its R&D and production centers cover more than 20 countries including Germany, France, Italy, China and USA. Our sales activities have spanned more than 70 countries, and the  main product fields including Heating, Refrigeration, VMC (Ventilation Mechanical Control), Cleaning, Water Purification, Integrated Control, etc.

Zehnder Group

Enterprise Culture

  • Enterprise Vision
    No. 1 of China Housing VMC
  • Enterprise Mission
    Healthy Air Healthy Life
  • Enterprise Values
    Customer Orientation
    Honesty and Trustworthiness
    Dare to Undertake
    Keep Persistent Innovation

Development History

NATHER brand entered China, focusing on providing Chinese user with high-quality VMC Products.
Established Shanghai VMC products warehouse, with finished products inventory of 10000 sets.
Shanghai Nather Air Technology Co., Ltd. was founded to provide customers with residential and commercial VMC systems and solutions.
NATHER began to build dealer network, and in the same year we held the first Dealer Conference.
Adhering to European advanced concept of VMC technology, combined with domestic housing structural characteristics, we developed the most suitable products. G-VENT、MINIPACT series products went on the market.
Launched the first generation of full heat exchange HR series products, which were developed independently with domestic industry-leading technology.
Obtained many national patents, and in the same year NATHER became one of the main makers of relevant standards in national residential ventilation industry.
NATHER reached an equity cooperation agreement with Zehnder, realizing a strong combination from technology, products to management.
Obtained the certifications of ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System; Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Greentown and became Greentown’s largest supplier of housing ventilation system.
Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Vanke and became Vanke’s largest supplier of housing ventilation system.
Moved to a new site integrating office, production and storage. In the same year, the new ERV series of the second generation full heat exchange host was launched.
NATHER was approved as "Shanghai High-new Technology Enterprise". In the same year, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Greenland Group, and the next year, we established with Greenland Group a Model Showroom of full-purification residence.
NATHER won the title of "Science and Technology Little Giant Fostering Enterprise of Minhang District ", and a 10th anniversary celebration was held in this year.
NATHER was awarded the title of "Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Fostering Enterprise" , in the same year, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Evergrande Group.
NATHER was once again approved as “Shanghai High-new Technology Enterprise” and “Research and Development Organization of Minhang District Level”. In this year, Pinghu Factory started to use. NATHER had established strategic partnership with more than 30 enterprises of China TOP100 real estate developers.
Be crowned as the top of 10 Ventilation Brands in Fine Decoration Real Estate Big Data. Star products of ERVD series was launched on the market.
The whole house water purification products were officially launched, and be Be crowned as the top of 10 Ventilation Brands in Fine Decoration Real Estate Big Data again.
The new factory was completed and put into operation, and entered a new stage of leapfrog development.

Honors and Qualifications

After entering China for more than ten years, NATHER has obtained many honors and qualifications, such as ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, and Shanghai High-new Technology Enterprise.